emily. partial to bar fights and howling at the moon.

for sticky bayou nights, for low hanging branches over dirt lanes, for whiskey and scarred old barstools, for southern churches, for graveyards and mausoleums, for dark water below the moon, for hoodoo and juju, for delta blues, for end of summer storms and rolling thunder, for ghosts and ghouls, for worn leather boots, for guitar calloused hands, for the drunk piano player, for the edge of darkness, for raised hair at your nape, for pleas at the crossroads, for prayer, for the past you can’t outrun, for sinners, for angels, for the coffin-builders, for the gallows, for love and for the loveless, for sweat and dirt and blood -
                                     SPANISH MOSS; a southern gothic mix [ zip

01. the man comes around - johnny cash 02. rattlin’ bones - kasey chambers & shane nicholson 03. south pennsylvania waltz - 16 horsepower 04. up jumped the devil - nick cave & the bad seeds 05. you will be my ain true love - alison krauss 06. i don’t care if the sun don’t shine - elvis presley 07. rye whiskey - the punch brothers 08. fortune teller - alison krauss & robert plant 09. thunder and lightning (live) - brown bird 10. personal jesus - johnny cash 11. blood of the lamb - wilco & billy bragg 12. beyond here lies nothin’ - bob dylan 13. old number seven - the devil makes three 14. wagon wheel - old crow medicine show 15. in the branches - the builders and the butchers 16. down to rest - o’death 17. loverman - metallica 18. crossroads - robert johnson 19. nothing but the water - grace potter & the nocturnals 20. i will rise up - lyle lovett

#fanmix #music #southern gothic #mix #halloween #uploading this fucker was seriously an ordeal
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